Listen to your little ones!

Ohhh… us parents!!!

We all have such working lives.  And of course, we frequently make that terrible mistake of not taking time to listen to our children.  Our children have minds of their own and most of the time need our encouragement, someone to let them know, “Hey, I’m with you, don’t worry”. We have to find a way to take a little bit of our time, just a little, to lighten up their lives and make things better. Understanding that they don’t have the knowledge to think as us adults is very important.

Take time with your children! Remember, we are their first teachers at home. Let’s make their lives better, brighter, as much as we can! Let’s motivate them, reach out and try to find out what are their real motivations in learning, how do they learn best, how can we make the difference in their lives as a parent.

We’ll make the difference when we do so. I assure you of that!

By Maria Soto


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