What can I do to avoid plagiarism…

When you’re new to APA Style and to learning how to write, quote or even paraphrase, you can make many unwanted mistakes without even knowing.  Alot of university students make this error when writing their research projects and most of the time it’s because of the lack of knowledge on how to site authors, references and even paraphrase what an author is trying to say.

But, if it happens to be that you’re maybe from a small town where you have never had the chance to study in a well known university where APA Style is referenced closely, and also, how to avoid plagiarism,  no problem.  And yes, in the 21st Century there are still universities that are still in educational growth and these themes are new to them! 

Anyways, if the case is the one sited above and you’re university doesn’t have the tools they really need to help out MASTER or even DOCTOR students, plus you’re so called professors have nothing but their credentials to say how good of mentors they are.  Well I’ll tell you, never wait for the university to show you how things are done or written.  Never wait for you’re professor, no matter how many credentials they have, to show you how things really have to be written.  Be one of those students who seek for themselves, read, and investigate.  Be inquisitive.  Talk to you’re professors, don’t be shy or afraid of what their answers maybe.  Don’t feel that you don’t have the right to.  For one thing this is why you pay…to have the right, with all do respect.

My experience has been the following.  I made many unwanted mistakes for not being the investigator I should have been.  Also, for trusting that I was really performing a great job, nooooo, an excelent job.  Trust me my mentor said so.  Sadly, it wasn’t so, I had almost committed plagiarism without knowing or understanding the meaning of what that was.  And thank God I didn’t.  Luckily, before the whole process was finalized someone who knew, who was compromised with our institution’s excellence, reviewed my writing and before anything, I was given the chance to correct my writing.  I’m almost finished, but, I learned a great deal on how to avoid plagerism, on how to be real.  

So, after such a sad and negative experience, I feel the obligation and love to help you all on you’re writings by suppling some site’s where you can find out about plagiarism and how to avoid it.  Truely, if you’re a master or even doctoral student and you are completing your research projects or may be master’s thesis or disertation, don’t hesitate, read about plagiarism before beginning.  Remember even if you’re a new student, it’s you’re responsibility.

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By Maria Soto


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