Hi there!

PhotobucketI’m Maria.  It is a pleasure to share with all of you throughout this wordpress blog. Presently, I’m a teacher for the San Juan Elementary Community Schools. Although, I have also taught English grammar at the Bank and Commerce Institute of Puerto Rico in an extension in Jayuya, PR, a post secondary school where students professionally begin to prepare themselves in diverse technical areas as in cosmethology, medical and executive secretarial areas, infirmary, cousine etc…

I obtained a B.A. degree in Elementary Education, a M.A. degree in Curriculum and Teaching at the Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico, Jayuya Campus and I’m also certified as a Secondary English teacher.  My master’s degree research project was based on the “Levels of motivation of elementary school students and their relation to learning styles”.

I’ve been teaching for nearly seven years and I really enjoy what I have accomplished til today.  I believe that teaching is the second cornerstone of my life. My experience with andrology students at the Bank and Commerce Institute of Puerto Rico and also at the Northwest Technical College of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico was amazing and full of internal fulfillment. It was a wonderful pleasure to assist students who were willingly motivated to change their lives throughout a better education.  Mainly, to share with my students in general has been such an experience, as I always try to assist their respective individual learning styles, giving them a chance to obtain a more personal desirable way of learning.  I have also had the chance to teach elementary and middle school students throughout supplementary tutoring assistance with the Nets Educational Institution Supplementary Services and Vernets.  I decided to open this blog to share and be a help to those who are in need of expanding their knowledge.


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