Incredible sites on Motivation and Learning Styles

There are many interactive sites on the web to visit considering learning styles and motivation. 

Whenever I bumb into one, I’ m going to post it on this page. So be sure to visit any of them.  I consider each one as educational and a way of reinforcing our knowledge in the educational field.  Everyone can visit these sites and interact with them.  They are of great use to children to help  augment their motivation and understand their learning styles which can help them learn better. 

1) Learning Styles – Helping Children Succeed in School –    University of Illinois Extension at: 

2) Just for kids from the University of Illinois Extension at:

I’ve also included sites where you can test your very own learning styles and motivation to learn.  Be sure to answer them as sincere as you can.  I personally have and am very greatful because now I understand in an abroad manner my very own learning styles and motivations.

1) Learning Styles Online Materials of the University of Arizona at:

2) Motivation and Goal Setting at:

3) What’s your motivation style?

4) A free online tool that helps you discover your learning styles online is the Memletics. At There are 70 questions to answer that help you find out your  personal learning styles.

5) With the Learning Style Index by Felder and Soloman (2002) you can develop your own learning skills and also create a rounded learning experience for other people.


On the other hand, as an English teacher,  I have also included sites that you can visit to augement your grammar skills.  This will be a great way of finding out where we have trouble in our grammar skills.


2) Power Point Presentations for Spanish Class at:



As teachers,  we have enormous desires to help our students reach their educational goals.  Many students have a great deal of learning styles, motivation abilities, sometimes they feel left behind, some are fast learners some are slow learners but all have a need of achievement and of success in life. So, I found some teaching tips from the Teaching Tips Index. You can go to the following site a learn alot from other teachers with the same desires;



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