Rodio (2002) sustains that “motivation is a powerful word intricately involved in the concept of like itself”.  To understand better this concept I recommend you to consider viewing the following websites: You will be able to find: Motivation and some general theories and classroom strategies and practices.

Also visit the Practical Philosophy (Journal) on the web: The Journal of the society for Philosophy in Practice:                                                             

Rodio, W. D. (2002).  An exploration of the concept “Motivation” as a tool for Psychotherapeutic Assessment.  Practical Philosophy Autumn 2002 Volume 5.2 Pages 55-62

An inspirational and motivational reflection.

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Motivation theories as in Herzberg’s Two Factory theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, David McClelland’s theory in needs of achievement can be found in Alan Chapman’s website at Many other theorist also can be found on this facinating website. I’m sure you’ll be delighted if your looking for motivation theories to increase your knowledge as well. was presented in 1999. The author Alan Chapman began this site as an experimental online collection of learning and development ideas.

“The philosophy of the website is intended to be ethical, practical, innovative, compassionate and enjoyable” (Chapman, 1995-2006).


Sometimes when we’re in need of a certain site and we can’t find it, it’s stressing.  You navigate and navigate and can’t find anything.  Well that happens to me alot and in the moment I say, “Oh well, I’ll find it when I’m really not looking for it”… well, that happened to me today so I’m posting it here.

I found this great site on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Need Levels

go to  It’s an interesting site also, go you’ll like it… by the way this page was written by Ralph Kenyon.

For Free Term Papers on Maslow’s work go to


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